December 2016

The SNP has unveiled its Scottish budget.
Here is what you need to know.
Schools and local services face a cut of £327 million.
The SNP budget revealed a cut of £327 million to local authority budgets Ė the councils that run our schools, social care and other public services.
Thatís a real terms cut the year after the SNP slashed these budgets by half-a-billion pounds.
Hereís the table from the budget document, hidden away on page 91, that shows the cut:

Scotlandís public services canít take any more cuts
In the last few months we have seen:
The worst report on the NHS since devolution

The worst education report since devolution


But the SNP has decided to slash local education and social care budgets again.

Itís a budget the Tories would be proud of.

In fact, the SNP and the Tories joined forces this week to reject Labourís proposal for a 50p top rate of income tax for the richest 1% in our country.

And the SNP confirmed a plan to cut air passenger duty - just one week after the Tories said they also backed a tax cut.

Labourís fairer plan

We wonít vote for a budget that passes on austerity and we wonít stand back while public services are stripped to the bone.

Labour will bring forward amendments to the Scottish budget to use the new tax powers of the Scottish Parliament to stop the cuts and invest instead.

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